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NFT Terminal
For Pro Traders

Mintify is a comprehensive suite of NFT products for trading, collecting, launching, and analyzing NFTs. Get access to our SuperNode, real-time and historical blockchain data, wallet insights, and more.

Onboarding the next billion users into Web3

See what’s trending at a glance based on real-time collection analytics.  Keep track of new projects with Watchlist and capture behind the scenes information like wallet analytics.

  • Discover, trade, and analyze NFTs

  • Use our SuperNode for faster TXNs

  • Asset management and insights

  • Multi-marketplace support

  • Sweeping & Instant Rarity

Historical & Real-time Blockchain data.

Sophisticated NFT traders are now demanding sophisticated tooling.


With Mintify, you can discover and analyze new NFT collections with a suite of powerful features: Early whitelisting, direct contract minting, team research, asset management, project statistics, market arbitrage, predictive analytics and early trait reveal ‘sniping’,  Our all-in-one toolset features historical and real-time data for both long term holders and the emerging NFT quant.


Composable Infrastructure to trade, create, or build.

  • Trade NFTs using our Pro tools.

  • Create NFT Collections (Generated, 1/1s, AI-based, with 0 upfront fees.

  • Use our infrastructure to host your drop using your smart contract

  • Use our SuperNode for faster TXNs

  • Create white-labeled community-driven marketplaces.

  • Access our multi-chain historical and real-time data.


Become an Ambassador and Onboard your Community

We've partnered with communities and alpha groups that have chosen Mintify as their official trading tool.

We make it easy for communities to get onboarded within minutes by supporting dedicated tokens, offering onboarding demos, and training resources.

Launchpad & creator studio q4 2022

With our launchpad, creators have the option to launch 1-1s, generated art, music or metaverse collectables with no upfront fees. Mintify takes care of the smart contract, landing page and drop mechanics.

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Lifetime Pass Vs Subscription

There are 1350 NFTs that grant you free access to our platform. We drop a small quantity each quarter. Read more about the benefits of holding a pass here, or get your pass from OpenSea. Our monthly subscription plans will be available later in August and will start at $129/mo plus add-ons. 

January 2022 - 1st Phase - 0.09 ETH

February 2022 - 2nd Phase - 0.19 ETH

March 2022 - 3rd Phase - 0.26 ETH

May 2022 - 4th Phase - 0.29 ETH 

Last Drop 08/15 - Completed - 0.25 ETH


Meet the Founder

Evan Varsamis

A New York-based entrepreneur that has been involved into the crypto industry since 2016, he is the CEO of Gadget Flow, a well-known product discovery platform that reaches over 30 million people per month and has worked with over 10,000 customers including eBay, HP, DJI, and many other Fortune 500 companies as well as over 5,000 Crowdfunding campaigns from Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


He is also the cofounder of HustleClick, Shorai.Xyz, and advisor at Spring Fund, and Crowdreach. He contributes monthly to Forbes, Inc, and AMEX Essentials. His work has been featured on Mashable, The Next Web, Forbes, The Web Summit, and other publications.

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